Hovey MotorCars will Pay $1000 to $2500 more to buy or CONSIGN your Vehicle. Must bring to HMC for Free Appraisal. Bring CAR MAX or Dealer Offer if Available. Not All Vehicles Qualify.


  • No Direct Commission Fee - We set a Net Price to you and the buyer pays our fee! Most dealers charge 10%-15%. More $$ for you!
  • Consignment Programs – Senior Citizen, Military and VIP
  • Low overhead – A small, professional staff and lots of family. Now 3 Generations!
  • Location, location, location - New Showroom and Service Center on IH-10. 10 Million people drive by monthly and see our inventory!
  • Selection – We have one of the most diversified cross section of inventory in America.
  • Car financing - Hovey Motorcars has long, established relations with several of the Prime Banks and Credit Unions in San Antonio, Texas and the U.S.
  • No Red Tape - We will, in most cases, pay off your car loan.
  • Viewing Ability - Hovey Motorcars is open 6 days a week and our lot is open 24/7 for viewing our premium vehicles and other inventory. 333,000
  • Extended Car Warranty – We can offer an extended car warranty to help add additional value to all transactions.
  • Trade-ins - Hovey Motorcars can work with trades, even if we have to make payoffs to do the deal!
  • 4 We will ship your vehicle to anywhere in the world.
  • Added Value We can include a warranty with your vehicle.
  • Getting the Word Out - Hovey Motorcars advertises on 25 Websites including EBAY, EBIZ, Auto Trader, Cars.com, CarGurus, the Express News, the Dallas News, the Wall Street Journal, Craig’s List, and the DuPont Registry. We are known virtually all over the WORLD and we have an award winning website!
  • Paperwork - We do all the title work for you, even Estate Titles. Hovey Motorcars is a Licensed and Bonded Dealership and has a Professional Title Clerk on staff.
  • Storage - No monthly Storage Fee or Initial Storage Fee.
  • Ebay Platinum Power Seller - 100% transactions, for 20 Years.
  • DuPont Registry Magazine - Award of Excellence 16 years in a row!
  • Results – All of this gives us better than a 95% chance of selling your vehicle and best of all, over 92% are sold within 60 days.
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