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★★★★★ If you want HONESTY & QUALITY when buying a car, this family-run business is the place to go! Hovey Motorcars is AMAZING!!! Everyone is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and true to his word. I am a single mom on a tight budget and was in need of a car. My main concern was keeping my car payments around the same as my current payments and getting an upgraded, reliable car with low mileage. They took my concerns very seriously, never once trying to talk me into something I couldn’t afford or didn’t want. I was treated with a lot of respect, like I was part of the family, and I got exactly what I wanted. If you’re looking for a positive experience buying a car, Hovey Motorcars is the place to go: quality cars, quality people and the absolute BEST customer service!!!
-Kelly Ryan

★★★★★ My Experience with Hovey Motorcars was definitely not the norm. They made the negotiations and finance process easy. They even helped me locate and fix a small rattle on the vehicle and had the car aligned at their cost the following day.
-Cade P.

★★★★★ Mr. Rich Hovey Sr. is truly a Godly man with the incredible credentials from the military background. I felt at home when I first walked in Mr. Hovey's office; he treated me like his family. His immense knowledge of vehicles and his professionalism made the Hovey Motorcars experience relaxed, pleasurable, and stress-free. I would also have to give kudos to all of his staff members; they are amazing.
-Rana Sullivan

★★★★★ My Ford truck suffered quite a bit of hail damage in late April. Stopped by to see what they offered. Spoke with Rich Sr., who said they would repair the hail damage, waive 1/2 of my deductible, and detail the truck when finished. Not only did they do ALL this, the technicians discovered additional damage not noticed by the insurance adjuster. Hovey had the adjuster come out, who also agreed about the additional damage, and issued a check on the spot. My truck, a 2011 Ford F-150, looks like it just came off the showroom floor. I would be more than comfortable with any dealings with Hovey Motor Cars in the future.
-Bill E.

★★★★★ Hovey Motors did a great job of selling a classic vehicle of mine, a much better job than what I would've done hands down. It took a few months to get the car sold along with the payout, but that was expected initially. I worked with Mr. Hovey directly and his professionalism, knowledge and experience was the best I have come across. If you're into cars and need to sell or buy go talk to Hovey because he knows the car market like no other. Most importantly, Mr. Hovey and his staff are fair, family orientated people.
-Rashad El-Jurdi

★★★★★ Great Variety of vehicles and a wide range of prices. Excellent customer service. I've bougth two cars from Hovey and they have me a great price for my trade-in and a great deal on the new vehicle each time.
-Angela Williams

★★★★★ Been in the market for a BMW. Tried to stay in Austin to find one, and checked out a few at different dealerships. Saw a beautiful 6 speed manual over at Hovey. Made the trip over and definitely not disappointed at all. Bryan was an awesome dude. Almost seemed like he was just as stoked as I was about the car! They paid off my car at the time to get into the new car. My favorite part about the dealership is the family vibe. Not only because most of the employees were related, but some customers coming in to pretty much talk and joke around like good friends. The only thing I regret is not staying long to check out a bunch of rare and amazing cars they had. Shout out to the whole crew for helping me get into a beautiful car.
-Mike Elias

★★★★★ My name is Scott, and I want to state that I only wish that everyone's car buying experience could be as pleasant as the one we had with Hovey Motorcars. We found what we believed was the perfect Jeep for my Son's first vehicle, but we were coming from Houston so my Son called and spoke with Mr. Hovey Sr. Since my Son is in the military he was greatly impressed by Mr . Hovey Sr's military accomplishments! After securing the vehicle with a deposit we set out the next day from Houston on July 3rd. We called ahead to make sure our trip would not be a wasted one, and when we inquired about the Jeep, we were told by Bryan that the Jeep was being held for someone coming up from Houston! This was the second sign that Hovey Motorcars is a top notch dealership that is honest and professional from top to bottom!! First up when we arrived Bryan met us and was extremely professional, friendly, and pleasant.
-Scott Green

★★★★★ These guys were absolutely fantastic to work with! A family owned dealership that genuinely cares about working with people. From the minute I walked in the door I knew this was where I wanted to buy my vehicle from. They have a great selection of luxury vehicles and a finance team that will work with you to get you the car you want for the price you want! Thank you guys for a wonderful car shopping experience! I highly recommend!
-Jordan Schultz

★★★★★ Well i bought my car 2 years ago best experience ever people were nice and dedicated. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone. In fact im going to buy my next car there. Im a corvette lover and this place not only has great eye candy cars but good millage with great prices. I traveled more than 200 miles to buy a car here and will do it again.
-Sandra Arcaute

★★★★★ It was a great experience. Everything went very smooth our car sold quickly just like I was told. The staff took there time to explain things to me and answered all my questions. if I ever have another car to sell I will go back.
-Mike Jackson